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Human Nature Fans

Walk The Tightrope

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to the Human Nature fan community. A place to share your thoughts, news, icons, banners, websites, etc. on the talented Sydney-based harmony quartet.

Just a few "rules" to keep everything running smoothly:

1. Everyone is different and entitled to their opinion, so please allow others to express themselves as you would yourself. By the same token, inappropriate, inaccurate and/or defamatory posts will be deleted and their posters warned
2. Try not to post unrelated material or promote unrelated sites/communities
3. To avoid cluttering pages, please post large or batches of images behind an LJ cut
4. Please keep swears and anything else LJ deems inappropriate behind a cut with fair warning
5. Most importantly...have fun, people!

Your friendly neighbourhood mod is texas00.
Please contact me about problems you're having with the community or suggestions you might have for it.

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